dublinschools.net GSuite (Google) Account Access

The same credentials that get you into the dublinschools.net   email account are your GSuite (Google) password. These will let you into important meetings on Google Meet with the superintendent, or other things. Please don’t miss out on hearing and contributing to the planning and discussions in these tumultuous times.

Also please make sure that DSA has your latest info for information that we don’t want on DCS channels: DSA Member Data Update  

These Dublin CS Infrastructure team members can help people with  GSuite (Google) password recovery:

First Name    Last Name        E-mail Address    Business Phone
Kevin    Perkins        perkins_kevin@dublinschools.net    Coordinator of Infrastructure Services, OPS

If you need their phone numbers, please ask a union leader or rep, or someone who has access. (I don’t want to post numbers that are not on public internet: Staff Directory. )

You can set up your phone email applications with one of the other links under “Resources” at top.

Other DCS Info:

OEA Local for Dublin City Schools ESPs