DSA Contract

A copy of the Dublin Support Association contract may be found as follows:

On Dublin City Schools web site (must login)

  • In the “Departments” (top tab) look for Human Resources dropdown.
  • On that page look for Staff Login
  • Once In:
    Look for “Informational Resources” (tab in black strip near top), then “DEA/DSA Negotiated Agreements” (dropdown)
  • There you find”DSA Negotiated Agreement 2017-2020″

! OR ! Since the Downloads directory is directly accessible the direct link DSA Contract 2017-2020 works!

OR get the SERB version:

  • Look for “Collective Bargaining
  • Search for “Dublin” and you should able able to find the DSA agreement!

Here is the direct link to SERB’s posted DSA Contract!
(SERB is the State Employment Relations Board)

N.B. The SERB file is larger, but both are just scanned versions of a printed document that lack the searchability of PDFs directly made from Adobe Acrobat or some word processors, such as LibreOffice. (Next contract we should request a searchable version be made!)

OEA Local for Dublin City Schools ESPs