DCS Notifications

There seems to be much confusion over how to manage and receive DCS notifications. Through these you can get news of what’s happening at your school(s), as well as other stuff.  Several overlapping systems have been installed over the years. Use the first primarily, but let me know what works for you!

Notifications via Staff Login on DCS site

  1. Look for “Staff” at upper right … click on it and look for dropdown: “Sign In” … to enter your DCS login and password
  2. Go back to the same place. This time look for dropdown: “My Account
  3. Under your name at Left, see “Subscriptions.”
  4. Manage” Subscriptions to add/remove.

SHORTCUT: https://www.dublinschools.net/site/Default.aspx?PageType=18&DomainID=4
and login

You can go back to “Staff” to log out if you want to.

School Messenger

The School Messenger was debuted several years ago for closing notifications, ETC.
If you are signed up at the School Messenger, you can direct where to get messages. Your DCS email and the phone number on file in with DCS are locked as possibilities. You can add others. When you click on the address or number you’ll see the choices, in two tabs “Sites,” which includes schools, and “Other Areas,” which includes categories such as

Non-school Hours Emergency
School Hours Emergency
General With Phone


Your DCS email is your login – e.g xxx@dublinschools.net
You set up your password when setting up this account.

can add text, etc…

There is ANOTHER way into this School Messenger system that seems to coordinate with the stuff on web site?! This seems to give access to messages about individual schools, but not the other categories available through the DCS web site “My Account.”


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