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Meet Cheryl Williams, President

I am an Administrative Secretary for the Dublin City School District at Mary Emma Bailey Elementary School since the past school year. Before that I was at Olde Sawmill Elementary from July 2006.

Prior to joining DCS, I worked in South-Western City Schools in the following capacities including: 2001-2002 – Cook, 2002-2004 – Clinic Aide, Educational Aide 2004, Attendance Secretary, and 2004-2006, Building Secretary. I was a member of OAPSE.

My husband, Dan, is a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service and is a proud member of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC). We live in Grove City and have two children.

Other association activities I am involved with include: current Co-Vice Chair of OEA Professional Efficacy Core Function Committee, Chair of the Ohio ESP of the Year award committee (PECFC), Central OEA/NEA ESP Representative – Executive Board of Directors, Central ESP Advisory Board Chair, Member of Central Leadership & Central IPD Committees, Ohio Delegate at the NEA Representative Assembly.

We would love for you join and become an active member of DSA!  I have discovered over the past  several years the importance of belonging to a group of professionals where everyone is working together.

As members, we are able to have a voice. When there are problems that arise, we have support. When we have questions, we have support. When we have concerns, we have support.

Education Support Professionals are often the first and last school employees to see students in the school community. Through our various careers we touch the lives of students and ensure student success, everyday.

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Meet Scott Prigan, Vice-President

I have been a Bus Driver for the Dublin City School District since the summer of 2015. When I got a contract in August 2016 the first thing I did was call Krista (my former trainer and active union member) and join the Dublin Support Association!

Long ago, when I worked at Kroger during college, I was member of the old R.C.I.A., which has since fought in a difficult industry and a hostile environment (being reborn as U.F.C.W). Back in those days I remember having co-workers who made enough working full time at Kroger to afford a middle class life! It was great for college student Scott too. I could make enough to pay tuition AND living expenses, and drink some beer. (Of course working the overnight shift and then taking an organic chemistry exam was not the easiest thing to do…)

As the years have gone by, I have become even more convinced of the need for joining together. Working as a Case Manager at Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, too many of my comrades thought “We are professionals, so we don’t need a union.” When I started a it was like a family (“Edie and the Knights of the Round Table”). By the time I left the department was growing rapidly into a large organization where people surely needed union protections and procedural provisions. Times change!… Brothers and Sisters, we all NEED our union!

There might be times where it seems that all unions do is collect dues … but if you come to our meetings, you will have it proven otherwise! Even during the calmest periods of our work, when we’re “cruising” with the boss is “cool,” some co-worker needs our support, and both supervisors and workers need the guidance and security provided by negotiated policies and procedures. … Then there’s contract negotiation time!

For a good number of years I was engaged in the Holy Ministry of Word and Sacrament. (Maybe God was my union steward?)
While as a pastor there was no opportunity to be a part of a union, the “guild” of my fellow ministers did our best to stand up for one another. Still, there was the hierarchy, and … anywhere there are people, politics and favoritism exist, things that good union representation can address to help everyone have a fairer shake. My faith demands I stand up for this! Not only for myself, and for you — but for everyone who could benefit from a fairer economy and work environment.

I’ve always encouraged parishioners, friends, co-workers, neighbors to seek the strength in numbers of collective representation through a union when available (and organize when not!). So I encourage YOU. Take advantage of the opportunity you have in Dublin to be an active member of one of the strongest unions in the U.S.A., the National/Ohio Education Association. Find the one little thing you can do in D.S.A. to make life around D.C.S. better for yourself and all of us, TOGETHER.

WE are the Dublin Difference!

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Meet Cathy Miller, Secretary

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Meet Marcia Gilton, Treasurer

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