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OEA Member-Only Benefits

As I attended a seminar on planning ahead* for retirement issues today, I was reminded again about OEA Member-Only Benefits. Check it out! There are all kinds of good things there, from discounts on goods and services, to legal services and liability coverage, …

(These are even available to retired folks, through the OEA-R Retired program, where one pays about a years worth of dues to be covered for the rest of one’s life. One can elect to pay this over 16 months. AND it has other NEA-R benefits, such as affordable long-term care insurance.)

At DSA we are connected to a whole lot of other people, for the good of us all!

* Friends, don’t worry, I said planning ahead!

COVID-19 Vaccinations

The recent email from OEA Pres. Scott DiMauro has some important info (below).

See especially:  the NEA and AFT recently partnered with Dr. Fauci to host a fireside chat specifically on the topic of vaccinations for school staff and the outlook for school reopening.

Know also that your local leaders are fighting to ensure you have adequate chance to obtain vaccination.

Setup Email So You Don’t Miss Something

In the near future Dublin City Schools will stop using our personal email addresses to send out their notices. Thus it is imperative that everyone have easy access to their email account, so management has no excuse to say “We communicated that to you! Too bad you missed out!

IMPORTANT: Still use your personal email account for union communications!!! as well as anything else of a personal nature. You can make sure DSA has your contact info on DSA Member Data Update under Contact.

Since DSC controls the (Google) G Suite system, they could theoretically have access to anything done on (This includes GMail, Contacts, Docs, Meet, … ) While G Suite provides an impressive set of tools, they are best used with caution, for DSC-related work.

So how can I set up my account for email?

There are a several ways on your Android or Apple device?

  • You can use the built in Email (or other) application.
  • You can use the GMail application.
  • You can connect to your entire Google G Suite account. (I don’t do this, as I’m reasonably paranoid about cross-talk with my own Google accounts.)

See these Pages under the Resources menu for help on some of these.

If you just want to use the GMail Ap, where your DSC account will cohabit with you own GMail account(s), click Using the GMail application.

Setup email now so you don’t miss something!

OEA Coronavirus FAQ

Check out the OEA Coronavirus FAQ, especially the section for ESPs. It can help answer many of the questions that have arisen in these strange times. It is constantly being added to and updated as events occur, such as the recent OEA ESP Member Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

Your local DSA leadership is also keeping busy, fighting for the best possible situation for all Dublin City Schools ESPs as our negotiations plans have been confused by the coronavirus situation.

Rest assured that all the hard work we have done to bring together your survey input with close scrutiny of the existing contract for improvements is still “in the bank” for eventual implementation! Stay tuned for more opportunities to communicate with each other!