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Your Dublin Support Association Officers:

  • President Cheryl Williams (Bailey ES)
  • VP Scott Prigan (Transportation)
  • Secretary Cathy Miller (Transportation)
  • Treasurer Marcia Gilton (Transportation)

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Please do not use the District’s email network when communicating about union business.

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The officers and members of the Dublin Support Association (DSA), would like to welcome you to Dublin City School District! We are excited that you have accepted a job with the District and will be joining us as a fellow employee!

We represent the majority of non-teaching employees of the District in the following job categories/classifications: secretaries/clerical, custodial/ maintenance/grounds, food service employees/cooks employed by DCSD, transportation (drivers, mechanics, aides, clerks), paraprofessionals/aides (not including bi-lingual), clinic aides, library aides. 

Providing great public schools for Ohio’s students takes the combined efforts of many dedicated individuals. This includes an impressive and essential team of support professionals who are truly indispensable.  Whether you work directly with teachers, drive a bus, work in a school office, keep-up & maintain district facilities and grounds, provide technical services, or provide meals and health-related services for the school community, you are an essential part of making public schools great. As part of the DSA, it is our collective mission to provide the services and support we need to do our jobs well, and to fight for the fair treatment and dignity we deserve from our employer.

Get in touch with an Officer or your building Representative to JOIN! Contact DSA.

NEW: If you are adventurous, you can try the online form offered through the OEA site. If you do PLEASE Please let us know you have submitted information there by using the DSA MEMBER DATA UPDATE, so we can personally greet you. (If you use this, please also let Scott know how the experience went for you!)

DSA membership comes with many cost-free benefits such as: up to $1,000,000 of Liability Insurance Coverage, Legal Services through OEA/NEA, up to $1,000 of free AD&D Life Insurance, plus many more discounts. See:

Of course the greatest benefit of membership is that you have a voice, together with your fellow members! Welcome to the team and remember, the union is only as strong as its members!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an Officer or Site Representative.

Please do not use the District’s email network when communicating about union business.

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